Testing = Data

We believe in having access to the tests you want to make informed decisions about your health.  The purpose of testing is diagnostic – of course – but can also help you better understand how your body works, the role of genetics, and areas of your health that need improvement.  Testing provides valuable data to help inform:

  • Which foods to include or avoid
  • Supplements needed to boost nutrient status
  • Connection between nutrient status and pain, immune system, or osteoporosis
  • Factors that influence inflammation or detoxification
  • Validation for symptoms that don’t fall into a particular “diagnosis” and strategies to resolve them

… and so much more.   We have numerous testing options available and we never charge a premium for tests – you pay wholesale prices every time.

FAQ About Testing

I have done this test before – should I retest?

That depends on the test, and how the data was used to improve your health.  We will guide you through options so that you can make an informed decision – some tests are worth repeating to be sure any issues are resolved, others are not.

Will insurance cover my test?

In general functional tests are partially covered or not covered at all. Often the least expensive option is to pay “practitioner pricing”- a discounted rate for the test, to avoid getting a surprise bill from the lab company if insurance does not cover the test.  Some lab companies offer free blood draws, or use only a finger-stick, so no blood draw is required.

Can we go over the results after I get the test back?

Of course!  A consultation is not required to order a test, however we are happy to go over your results with you for a small fee or bill your insurance.  It is important to have an actionable plan once you receive your results, so we do recommend it, but you are not required to work with us to get your lab results!

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