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I celebrated my 30th birthday with the heart of a sixty-five-year-old woman

Read one client’s journey on how she received free Integrative & Functional care through our Non-Profit – Grub Love

The Journey Begins

My body was in excruciating pain. I called my doctor to describe my symptoms. I was added to the schedule that day. After examining me, she told me that she could feel a mass on my ovary.

She referred me to a specialist. A few days later, a 10 cm mass was found on my left ovary. I had surgery to remove the tumor. Unfortunately, the surgery and medications did very little to stop the growth of more tumors.

The doctor felt Lupron injections would be my best treatment option outside of another surgery. Lupron Depot is a drug that places the body into menopause. The process that gradually takes place over a span of decades my body was forced into within weeks.  My side effects were brutal. It started with night sweats, mood swings, brain fog, headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting to name a few. This treatment was intense and harsh on my body.

I spoke with my doctor about the severe reactions I was having to the Lupron injections. She prescribed progesterone to try and balance my hormones. The addition of progesterone did not help. The doctor told me the second dose of Lupron would be more tolerable. The second dose amplified the side effects I was already experiencing. I developed vertigo with extreme dizziness and fainting. I was sick every single day.

My physical, mental and emotional health were deeply affected.

The gravity of my illnesses was so severe, I began questioning if it was all in my head. I was in distress, so this time, I went to see my PCP. She walked in the room, looked at me and said you’re not crazy. The medication is making you sick. Her statements reassured me that what I was feeling was valid. That was my last Lupron injection.

Life Was Good.

Life was good. I was enrolled in graduate school to earn my MBA. I had purchased my first home. I got a promotion at work. I was happy. I had no idea that I was months away from having my entire life derailed.

I had already experienced a multitude of disappointments, setbacks and roadblocks; I thought the worst was behind me. I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

I was home recovering from sinus surgery when I developed a cough and fever. My doctor instructed me to go to the emergency room, she thought I had pneumonia. I was given breathing treatments that did not help and my symptoms only progressed. My chest x-rays showed fluid in both lungs.

I Spent a Month Fighting for My Life

I was admitted to the hospital where I spent a month fighting for my life. My second night in the hospital, I was found in respiratory distress. I could not breathe on my own and my body was shutting down. I was placed in a medical induced coma and put on a ventilator to save my life. It was three weeks before I was stable and able to breathe on my own.

I was diagnosed with Viral Myocarditis and Dilated Cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction or EF was 15-20%. I was in heart failure. I was connected to a team of cardiologists, therapists and nutritionists that educated and coached me through my diagnosis. I was released from the hospital shortly before my birthday.

I celebrated my 30th birthday with the heart of a sixty-five-year-old woman. Those were the words my cardiologist used to describe the condition of my heart. The next year consisted of weekly visits to the Heart Failure Clinic and Cardiac Rehabilitation. It took some time but slowly my heart got stronger. My ejection fraction is 55%, and operating in normal range. I am a survivor.

Gaining Hope

I was in a loop and could not find my way out. I was losing hope. The amount of medication I was on made it difficult for me to tell the difference between the side effects of the medication or symptoms of another health crisis. I sought a different approach and it led me to Jill at Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness.

Jill was refreshing. She created an environment of mutual respect and understanding. She was professional and personable.  I did not feel judged. I felt comfortable sharing my health challenges, dietary habits and concerns with her. My questions were answered with compassion and great detail.

Jill genuinely wants to help me reach my goals. Her ability to motivate and support me has made a difference in my ability to keep going and trust the process.

My insurance does not cover any nutritional services.  Jill told me about her non-profit Grub Love and explained how they could assist me with reaching my health goals. Grub Love made it possible for me to have access to nutritional support, dietary supplements, health testing and resources that include recipes to help manage my dietary needs.

Jill is extremely organized so getting started was easy. I filled out the health survey and listed the goals I wanted to accomplish through nutritional support. I chose the three that was most important to me. Jill customized a plan for me based on my health survey, goals and dietary needs. Educational material and resources are provided and available on the website.

My Hope Is Being Restored.

My hope is being restored. I feel better, have increased energy and my brain fog is clearing. I have been able to stop some prescription medications. It’s been quite the journey but I feel good about the progress that I’ve made. Thank you, Jill and Grub Love, for your kindness and support.

*NOTE: no changes were made to this blog post. It was received directly from the client and in order to maintain the authenticity and respect for her journey, it was shared in its entirety.

Grub Love is supported by a small percentage of profit from supplement sales. We are not in the supplement business, so this is one way we can use that revenue for good. Current clients are on Medicare/Medicaid and on disability because of their health, yet under the age of 40 years.

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