Functional Nutrition

This. Changes. Everything.

As the scope of what we do as Dietitians continues to evolve, 

you’ll need to be ready

Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness offers a select number of internship opportunities each year. Interns may be graduate or post graduate students, Dietetic Interns or Certified Nutrition Specialist candidates, interested in integrative and functional nutrition practice.

Types of Experiences

Internships Available

  • Utilization of the Functional Matrix and Timeline in collecting client history, including exposures, mediators and perpetuators that help to identify the root cause of disease and symptoms

  • Case management and coordination of care

  • Functional laboratory testing and evaluation

  • Research and application of the use of supplements, herbal medicines, and aromatherapy

  • Therapeutic diets and resources

  • Nutrition-focused physical exam

  • Private practice administration

  • Recipe development and demonstration

  • Design and implement online nutrition education courses

  • Video production for online nutrition education

  • Content generation for newsletter and social media sites

Internships are available in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Nutrition Education
  • Dietetic Intern – Enrichment Rotation

While descriptions for internships are available below, we strive to be flexible, connecting interns with learning activities that peak their interest and help achieve personal and professional goals.

At this time all internships are unpaid learning opportunities designed to provide valuable experience and hours needed for future DI applications or internship.

At this time we will not be recruiting for Fall 2020 positions. Spring 2021 openings will be posted in October.

Future Dietetic Interns interested in an Integrative & Functional rotation or enrichment should contact Jill via email:

Learn More About The Application Process

Step 1:  Evaluate your schedule and identify time available for an internship;

Step 2:  View descriptions of internships that interest you & look through our website and even online trainings to get a feel for the work we are currently doing;

Step 3:  Complete the online Google Form Application below (pst… it is super simple!);

Step 4:  We will contact you for a phone interview – recruitment occurs 3 times per year and current interns have the first right to extend or switch their internship for the coming semester.

Current Interns

Zola Collins

Meet Zola!

I am working towards my RD and masters in public health at UNC Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health. I believe good nutrition is one of the most powerful ways to prevent disease and is critical to achieving a state of health, both physically and mentally.I am also a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), and believe that joyful movement and breath work complement good nutrition as a means of achieving one’s wellness goals. In my free time, I enjoy playing with my dog Sadie, practicing yoga, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. At Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness, I am looking forward to gaining experience in integrative and functional nutrition under Jill’s direction in order to better understand and treat the root causes of disease.

Summer Dietetic Intern 2020

Meet Rebecca!

I am a rising senior at North Carolina State University. I am studying Nutrition Science with a minor in Business Administration. My goal after graduation is to receive my Masters Degree and become a Registered Dietitian. My passion for Nutrition science comes from exploring diverse courses that have taught me the benefits of healing, wellness, and nourishment from the inside out. I am excited to be  further developing my education of nutrition, and gain experience professionally.

Summer Marketing Intern 2020

Meet Salma!

I am originally from Cairo, Egypt but moved to North Carolina to study Nutrition with a minor in Psychology at NC State. I am also pursuing a personal training certification through NASM. Nutrition is truly my passion and I become more passionate about it as every day passes by. I am a firm believer that good health all starts from within and I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge on how to properly nourish the body and mind through food, movement and mindfulness. Through my knowledge gained, I hope to have a positive impact on others.

Summer Nutrition Education Intern 2020

Meet Kate!

I am a rising senior at North Carolina State University majoring in Applied Nutrition with a minor in Sports Science. I have always been interested in cooking and staying active growing up. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 8th grade, I really became interested in the health side of food and the importance of nutrition and being active. With my time at State, I have enjoyed learning about all the details that go into health and realizing there is much more to nutrition than I thought. Following graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to receive the credentials to become a Registered Dietitian. I am looking forward to gaining professional experience and continuing my education of nutrition.

Summer Nutrition Education Intern 2020

Meet Whitney!

I am currently a MPH/RD student at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.  I am passionate about using holistic approaches in treating and preventing disease.  I very much admire how the integrative approach to healthcare marries eastern and western practices, using strengths of both to best treat the client.  

In my free time, I enjoy studying herbal medicine, hiking and gardening.

Summer Dietetic Intern 2020


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