Welcome, you are in the right place!

At Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness, we work with you to address the root cause of every unique and challenging health concern, with understanding – because we’ve been there too!

We know what it feels like to feel unheard with unresolved symptoms, more questions than answers, and fear of loosing hope.

We are here to change all that.  Here’s how.

What We Believe to Be True.

A Better Way.

 Does this sound like your experience?
  1. You see your provider for evaluation of symptoms and are provided a diagnosis, referral or pharmaceutical – often in 20 minutes or less
  2. You may feel better temporarily, but have not really resolved the underlying problem OR you prefer to not take medication to fix the symptoms so you are back to square one.
We start with the diagnosis and work backwards to identify the root cause.  We consider all body systems, lifestyle factors, emotional and mental health, as well as genetics and triggering factors.
With a focus on the importance of high quality foods, nutrient diversity and gut health, we can work together to address clinical imbalances and improve your health.  The result is a personalized intervention created to promote optimal health, and prevent diet and lifestyle related diseases.  We want you to live your best life!

The best part - we take insurance!

A root cause approach is perfect for you if...

have received a diagnosis and wish to maximize your healing and symptom management potential;

Symptoms are getting worse, resulting in chronic pain, or an additional diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or arthritis;

You have seen different providers, had conventional labs and scans, but you are losing hope that you will find an answer;

You have a diagnosis of IBS, Crohn’s, Celiac Disease, SIBO, Reflux or Chronic Constipation and no symptom relief;

You have a family history of certain diseases and you would like to minimize your risk;

You have a collection of seemingly unrelated symptoms and can’t figure out the common denominator;

Tired of feeling fatigue, depression, poor memory, concentration or insomnia;

Difficulty losing weight and keeping it off – you are pretty sure your hormones are out of balance

.... and the list goes on.

Your Team


Kara Watson, Administrative Assistant

Kara will become your best friend in no time!  She has extensive experience in client relations, business management, and education.  She is passionate about helping clients navigate their health care journey and feel supported along the way.



Jill relies on her experience as a former teacher to educate and empower you to develop an understanding of your health history in order to draw connections and inspire intentional outcomes for health and wellness.

Mebette Eckhardt, MA RDN LDN

Mebette is passionate and dedicated to nurturing confidence in achieving personal wellness goals.  She will empower and help you navigate your health journey with knowledge, personalized guidance and determination.

Ellison Clark

Ellison Clark, MS RDN LDN

Ellison enjoys utilizing evidence-based nutrition science to educate you, empower you, and help you feel your best. She will help you to create a step-by-step plan that is customized to you and your needs to achieve sustainable success and health.

See What Clients Have To Say.

"I know our time working together was brief but you may be one of the greatest influences on my medical journey... I genuinely believe I would still be struggling physically, emotionally and mentally with undiagnosed PCOS if it wasn't for you empowering me to advocate for myself."
KW - Raleigh
"I have seen other Dietitians, but none like Jill Brown. She is so knowledgeable, but remains personable and explains the complicated world of food in a way that I can understand. This is the first time I've ever made major changes to my diet without feeling totally overwhelmed."
RS - Western NC
"I have so many providers and you are the first person I have talked with that can actually relate to what I have been going through, to help me. I appreciate all of the time you spent with me and your patience in explaining everything."
SC - Durham

We believe Testing = Data and may provide the missing link.

Supplements can provide a bridge.

Quality, potency and purity matter when choosing to hand over your hard-earned income for supplements because supplements are regulated as a food, not a pharmaceutical – quality matters!

From our perspective, the main reason for taking a supplement is providing a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be with your health.