Testing = Data


We believe in having access to the tests you want to make informed decisions about your health.  The purpose of testing is diagnostic – of course – but can also help you better understand how your body works, the role of genetics, and areas of your health that need improvement.  Testing provides valuable data to help inform:

  • Which foods to include or avoid
  • Supplements needed to boost nutrient status
  • Connection between nutrient status and pain, immune system, or osteoporosis
  • Factors that influence inflammation or detoxification
  • Validation for symptoms that don’t fall into a particular “diagnosis” and strategies to resolve them

… and so much more.   We have numerous testing options available and we never charge a premium for tests – you pay wholesale prices every time

Some Of The Companies We Work With

Order Labs Yourself

YES, that’s right.  You can order labs yourself either because you are curious about some symptoms you have, or because your primary care provider will not order them.  We believe very strongly that you have the right to know any information about your body that you deem necessary.  We are here to provide guidance but ultimately the decision is yours alone.  This service allows you to set up an account and order any conventional labs you wish to check such as Ferritin, or Iodine, A1c or Cholesterols.  We can meet with you for an appointment to provide guidance on how to shore up any nutrient deficiencies with food and/or supplementation.