KAIZENnoun:  Small Incremental Change, Strategy of Continuous Improvement

Welcome to Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness, where we embrace the uniqueness of each individual to help you unravel your health story and identify the root cause of barriers to a healthy, well-lived life.  We strive to inspire optimal health outcomes for you, which will in turn, impact those you love and care for.  

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In-person or secure online Nutrition Consultations, Health Coaching sessions are available during the day, evenings, or Saturdays.

Online Learning

Handouts, Guides, Questionnaires and Trainings designed to empower you to make decisions about your health.

Meal Plans

Fully customizable meal plans to support healing and vitality. Plans include a calendar, shopping list, and recipes.

Testing & Products

Testing options to provide targeted solutions toward improving health outcomes as well as a thoughtfully curated collection of products that support wellness.

What We Believe to Be True.


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis


See What Clients Have To Say!

"I have seen other Dietitians, but none like Jill Brown. She is great! She is so knowledgable, but remains personable and explains the complicated world of food in a way that I can understand. She has made my transition into a new eating plan doable, giving me all the tools needed for success. This is the first time I’ve ever made major changes to my diet without feeling totally overwhelmed" - R.S., Western NC
"I appreciate that you are not making me give up my favorite things. I thought for sure that I would come in here and you would cut everything out. Instead, you just built it in, in smaller sizes and made everything else better around it, and it works" - K.H., Chapel Hill
"I have so many different providers, and you are the first person I have talked with that can actually relate to what I have been going through, to help me. I appreciate all of the time you spent with me and your patience in explaining everything" - S.C., Durham
"Thank you so much again for the thorough description of the continuation of my life-saving diet. You have introduced me into a whole new way of eating. I am enjoying food I never even thought of trying. I know it was extra work for you to prepare my program. I appreciate your kindness"- L.L., Durham
I have been working with Jill on the LEAP Protocol and the results have amazed me. After I got the results of my Food Sensitivity Test back, Jill walked me through a meal plan based on my results as well as my food preferences. Initially, I was nervous that the elimination diet would be far too restrictive for me, but Jill was able to show me where to find lots of new recipes and resources to make this process smoother. I am so grateful for the guidance that Jill has provided me and would recommend her and the test to anyone considering it. I am confident you will feel the same way after working with Jill! - E.W., Charlotte
I'm down - A1c lab from primary doctor is down to 5.6! - F.W., Richmond VA




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